Aramil Thornvale

Male Rogue



My name is Aramil and I am an Eladrin. I was born to two as*es that abandoned me because of some stupid superstition. Turns out that I am a twin and apparently that is a bad thing in my people's culture. I was born second and just because of that, I was given to some distant relative. That bastard treated me like st. I was forced to clean up after him and his family farm and wasn't even considered part of the family. So, when I was 15, I took to the streets. I became a pickpocket, just some common thief on the street, which is until I was picked up by a guild. I was trained to do more than just pickpockets; I was perfect at stealth, acrobatics, and even picking locks.

            Several months later, I was hired to break into the mages academy. I was to break in and steal a ritual scroll, some kind of spell to raise the dead. As I was breaking in, some asle had spilled lamp oil all over the floor by the window. I slipped and knocked over a st load of books. At that time, I slipped in and found the scroll I was hired to steal. When I looked up I found some chick looking at me and damn did she look a lot like me. Turns out, that chick is my twin sister; the one that got to stay with my parents. The academy guards came into the room and I couldn't believe it, she actually covered for me. When they left we spoke briefly and agreed to meet in a few weeks. After I got out of the academy with the scroll, I went to "fence" the object. I was to sell it to the gangster that hired me, but turns out I got more for it from some creepy look guy. This I am sure has pissed off the gangster and I also didn't pay tribute to the guild. F**k them, they didn't do any of the work. So I met up with my sister a few days later and I convinced her that we should go see the world. Of course, I forgot to mention the fact that there is a gangster, guild, and probably the mage academy after us. Oh well, she's family anyway, right?

Aramil Thornvale

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