Petra Thornvale

Female Wizard


My name is Petra Thornevale.  I was born a twin in the Feywild 120 years ago.  Among my people, it is considered a bad omen to be born such.  Identical twins are sometimes killed by their own families at birth, left out to the mercy of the winter winds.  Some are found in the spring when the snows have melted.  However, mine was not the case.

As aforementioned, having twins can bring a stain of dishonor to a family name.  Social standing is everything within the Eladrin society.  Being first born was a blessing.  I kept the family name and was given every luxury for one of my standing.  I was sent to the magical academy for education.  My brother was not so fortunate.  As the second born, he would have been discarded.  My mother could not bear the thought of this.  He was then given to a relative on my mother's side, thrice removed.  This secret was kept even from me for many years.

I always felt an emptiness within me that I tried to fill with many things to no avail.  Elaborate clothing, excessive reading of old scrolls in the library, lovers etc.  Nothing seemed to fill that empty void.  I was told the truth one day alone on my great-grandmother's deathbed.  I never told anyone else, including my parents, what I knew.  She must have lost her senses to tell me such a thing, or maybe the guilt was too much to bear.  She had been the one to deliver my brother.  After that day, I began taking more trips out of the Conclaves at school.  What would he look like? Would I know him if I saw him? Did he feel that longing? The emptiness?

After a few years of searching without really seeming to search, I found him.  It was the last week of my last year of study at the academy.  Walking through "Belzar's Bazaar," I noticed a pickpocket removing some coins from a nearby patron.  Before yelling for the guards, I stopped in my tracks when our eyes met.  There was something so familiar.  I could do nothing but stand silent, and just like that, he ran off.  Was it him? Did he knbow who I was? Three days later, the alarm in the academy library sounded.  Already there, I was first to arrive.  To my utter shock, it was he! When others arrived, I was flushed.  I could think of nothing else but to apologize for my "lover" whom seemed fit to creep in here for a tryst.  Thank Corellon that I was believed! They politely asked him to leave, for an academy library was no place for a lover's tryst.  We spoke but shortly, but agreed on what to do next. 

After my last day at the Conclave, I informed my parents that I planned to immediately begin my next path of education.  Books can only teach so much.  Many wizards are cultured and tempered through extensive travels, so it was not far fetched.  I stayed home with them another week, and set off to leave the Feywild for the Material Plane at sunset when the veil is thinnest.  Aramil and I met at the border.  We have been traveling together, attempting to make up for lost time.  It was the only way not to risk bringing shame to the family.  We have been inseparable since.  Besides, adventuring is quite exciting and lucrative as my brother put it.

Petra Thornvale

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