Kingdom of Riddel

1st day of HALIMATH

Welcome Home?

After a cold and miserable trip through the dangerous wilderness. travelers arrive at the Stout Oak Tavern in a wayside village. they’ve come to warm they’re chilled bones from the premature winter and to eat something warm to warm the soul, But there is no rest to be had, for just as the travelers are settling in. A wounded man arrives from the cold and collapses. Just as quickly the travelers respond with kindness the noble paladin tending to the mans wounds. He is able to recuperate and tell the travelers of his sad tale. Foul Creatures assaulted his farm! His brother, his wife in danger! The group volunteers to come to his aid. With no thoughts about they’re own mortality. They only see a need that needs fulfilling although they may have they’re own individual reasons for aiding the man. the end result is the same…Good. After gathering themselves together they set out into the cold bitter evening to challenge gods know what. They arrive at the outskirts of the farm to find a Goblin set as guard.The rogue makes short work of him with a thrown dagger to the throat. and soon the melee ensues. although the battle seems to go on forever.It is merely a few tense moment and soon the adventurers have overcome the goblin band and they’re leader “The Poker!” unfortunately the farmers brother was not to be saved.The Group joined together for the first time today. They all seem to have different agendas that coincide with each other. The first real fight seemed to go well, although cohesiveness is an issue. All in all i think it was a monumental meeting.


We are here.

1st day of HALIMATH

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