Kingdom of Riddel


New Beginnings?

After the group returned to town to recover. The innkeeper of the village of Silus. treated the group to a fine meal on the house. They were given commendations to be turned in at Winterhaven. They were also restocked of all rations. in the middle of the night a Dwarven caravan arrived and some members of the group decided to head to Winterhaven early with them. In the morning upon waking the rest of the group found some new faces and a new caravan looking for guards for the trip to Winterhaven. With new friends Lathin and Fashana. The group set out into the cold rainy muddy day. within a few short hours the party was attacked by wolves! In the ensuing melee. Two member of the caravan were killed. A grim reminder of the dangers of the road. The wolves were dealt with efficiently and the bodies buried at a roadside grave. when the caravan reached the Ravine Bridge they were waylaid by a group of kobolds pretending to be highwaymen who demanded payment for the use of the bridge. Needless to say payment was given in steel. As the group repaired damage caused to the bridge by the reptilian bandits. Lathin stumbled onto a tunnnel that lat to the bottom of the ravine. the group quickly investigated while Petra used magic to mend the bridge. upon arriving at the bottom, there seemed a ripple in the water and a crocdile appeared beneath the surface of the water. Lathin being a ranger attempted to soothe the creature and avoid a confrontation….but failed miserable. The croc quickly took a liking to the Paladins leg and attached its jaw toit in a viselike grip. After a tense battle Lathin was able to pierce the creatures brain through its eye socket.



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